Blue Horizon Incorporation is a professional trucking and logistics company with its head office situated in Harare from where the provision of services to the industrial, mining, manufacturing, engineering and chemical industries countrywide and neighbouring countries are rendered. Transportation is our core business. Blue Horizon aims to be the highly ranked logistical supplier through excellent cost-effective service to our customers, backed by an efficient transport and commodity broking service.

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Mission , Vision , Values


About Blue Horizon Incorporation
Our Mission

To be committed to providing first class service and promoting an efficient operating environment through participation of stakeholders, as well as being a pace setter offering an outstanding level of service that meets the highest environmental and social standards.

Our Vision

To provide quality transport, landscape and freight services worldwide that exceeds expectations of our esteemed clients.

Our Values

Quality service ethics, Intgrity , proffessionalism , creativity

Our Management

The Company operates with a flatter and highly pronounced organizational structure, thus eliminating bureaucracy and cumbersome protocols in decision-making.

An experienced team of skilled, knowledgeable and capable personnel in their own field of expertise is responsible to ensure an effective day-to-day operation and that all expectations of contractual agreements with customers are met. This expertise includes staff in all departments (Accounts, HR, Workshop and other supplementary functions; i.e. Subcontractors and Driver Training Centre.)

Mr L Mukunba
Founder & CEO
Mr S.N Mukumba
Mr W Mukumba